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Vacuum cleaner maintenance method
Date:2009年07月20日    Number:

The vacuum cleaner cleans for ours health brings the convenience at the same time, we should also carry on the reasonable maintenance to it, like this can guarantee the vacuum cleaner long-term use. Here, provides several maintenance to suggest that hoped has the help to you.

    1. dust filter's clean. Wants in the regular clear dust filter's sundry goods, avoids being excessively long as a result of the storage time has the unusual smell.


    2. vacuum cleaner semblance clean. Must use the wet cloth or the paper goods frequently cleans vacuum cleaner's semblance, guarantees the contour artistic.


    3. regular clean vacuum cleaner appendix. Including the plastic control, the ground brush, the glass to brush, the sponge to brush, slit cleanly cleanly and so on swabber as well as circular brush the


   4. periodic inspection electrical machinery bearing's lubrication situation, avoids, because the electrical machinery bearing friction brings noise puzzle. When need may increase the lubricant. the


   5. inspection fastening part, avoids, because the spare part brings loosely inconvenient. in


   6. inspection vacuum cleaner seal packing collar's aged situation, if got older needs the prompt replacement, avoids in suction dust time presents the dust the condition.

   7. in does not use in vacuum cleaner's situation, should better place it the dry well ventilated place, avoids the vacuum cleaner being affected with damp.

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